IAASS publicaitons aim to support education in the field of space safety, and to inform about important research results and studies.

Currently space agencies and their contractors invest very little in space safety research and tend to focus activities on project specific issues. They look to matters primarely from a national program perspective even when international cooperation is involved. A space safety research program aimed to support global risk management, international cooperation and to foster worldwide space commercialization is practically non-existent.

The IAASS research plan aims on one side to stimulate the expansion of government and contractors research efforts, and on the other side to initiate research in new fields and to further pursue those study topics which require an international approach. The IAASS research initiatives include sponsorship of general studies in support of global safety risk management and standardization, as well as of detailed studies on specific topics. Particular attention is paid to technical studies of space systems interoperability, which would make feasible and effective the mutual assistance for emergency enshrined in international space treaties. The IAASS research program places emphasis on the involvement of academia and on synergies with industry. The IAASS sponsored studies also aim to develop an international space safety culture by encouraging the setting up of international studies teams to compare, discuss and bridge differences

“I’ve always enjoyed traveling and having experience with different cultures and different people. But it’s also a wonderful thing to be able to benefit and enable research, not only in our country but around the world”

Laurel Clark, Shuttle Columbia Astronaut